That is Brian

Brian Steele

Lead Software Engineer

Building thoughtful and well-crafted experiences on the web for over 10 years.


I'm an experienced full-stack web developer with a background in graphic design. I got started in web-development in 2010 when I started "Viewing page source" and got very interested in not only designing things for the web, but also building them. I've progressed through several companies from large enterprises to small startups. My history includes time at Ameriprise Financial, VSCO and DocuSign.

These days I'm spending my time at Honor Education as a lead software engineer tasked with constructing the learner and creator apps as well as an admin tool. I spend my days in TypeScript building out a NextJS app backed up by Java api's, a Postgres DB all deployed on AWS infra.

When not writing code or designing solutions to engineering challenges you can find me on my bike on the local trails here in Santa Fe, NM. I've also been known to frequent great coffee shops as well as breweries with good IPAs.



Lead Web Engineer - Honor Education

Working as a founding web-engineer responsible for building the apps that instituions use to craft their course content as well as building the apps students use to consume. Spent most of my time building in Next with TypeScript and crafting APIs using Node and Java hitting a Postgres DB all deployed on AWS infra.



Lead Web Engineer - DocuSign

Leading a team of engineers who built a React component library used to power apps across the enterprise. Led the transition to TypeScript which led to easier refactors with less regressions. Also, implemented a robust CI/CD pipeline that reduced developer effort required for releasing as well as making it easier for the flaghsip apps to upgrade. Build out a hiring pipeline and helped build the team culture.

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Senior Engineering Manager - VSCO

Led migration from Flow to TypeScript. Led integration of new HR software into website to automate job postings. Worked with product/creative to implement custom CMS for company blog.



Director - Front End Engineering - Ameriprise Financial

Started as only front-end engineer in organization and grew team to 25 engineers. Team was responsible for building out all advisor facing applications used to create and maintain business. Led migration to SPA architecture. Implemented hiring best practices. Worked with staff engineers to utilize TypeScript in the codebase. Led enterprise in choosing React as the standard framework.